Wand Your Hair with NuMe: Step-by-Step

I’ve been telling you guys that I am going to do some sort of curling tutorial for SO long…and today is finally that day! I recently got the NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand and it has been so dang amazing. It comes with 5 interchangeable ceramic barrels, so you can get so many different looks with just one styling tool! It’s honestly the best idea…I don’t know how I didn’t invest in one of these things a long time ago!DSC_0443DSC_0452

If you’re like me and you are nervous about switching from a regular curling iron to a wand, I promise: practice makes perfect! I notice such a difference from using my wand vs my curling iron. The curls actually last way longer…I can honestly wake up the next day, spray some hairspray in my day-old curls and be good to go. I also feel like I am not damaging the ends of my hair as bad by not running them through the harsh curling iron clamp thing.  Also, my hair doesn’t ever get stuck! With my curling iron, my hair would sometimes get stuck and get ripped out from the clamp (sounds more dramatic than it really is…but it still hurts!). With the wand, I have full control over what my hair does and doesn’t do. It’s amazing!

Below is my step by step guide, as well as some of the random pointers that I feel really help! Please let me know if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL!! I love my wand and I would love to help you decide which one is best for you! Also, scroll to the bottom for a $100 OFF CODE FOR YOUR OWN WAND! (like what?!?!??!?!?! $100!!!!)


My favorite barrel from the set. This is the biggest one it comes with, and gives me the loose curls that I love.


I started with clean, freshly blow dried hair. (Next day hair would be most ideal, your curls will be stronger that way, but I just so happened to wash my hair this day. And honestly, the wand gets really hot so it didn’t matter how fresh my hair was, it held very nicely anyways!)


This Argan Oil is LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!! I have ALWAYS used Garnier Fructis serum in my hair for styling, and I thought it was the best for me until I tried this one. I actually was genuinely surprised. My coworker even touched my hair yesterday and was like “wow why is your hair so soft today?” (LOL). Also, for some reason, I have been struggling so much with fly-aways lately. I just put a tiny dot of this stuff on my hand and run it over the parts of my hair with bad fly-aways, and problem solved. It is so amazing.

I run the serum through the middle section of my hair, and end with the tips. I always put a little more on the tips since they are naturally so much more dry than any other part of my hair. Any left over serum on my hands gets run through my roots to help with my fly-aways. This also helps your hair with some added shine!DSC_0206

One of the trickiest parts of learning how to use a wand is figuring out how to hold the dang thing! It’s uncomfortable at first because you need to hold the wand upside-down so you can easily wrap the hair around it. Once you feel comfortable though, you will be fine with it. Please be SO SO careful when learning how to hold it. PAY ATTENTION to where your arms are going! It’s so easy to burn yourself when using these things…so use the protective glove that NuMe sends you if you are worried about it!DSC_0211

This is when we wrap! DSC_0218

I like to space out my hair like the picture below. It gives your curl a more bouncy/clean look, and I like the way it looks when the tightness of the curl eventually falls out. I like my curls big and loose, so this is what works for me. You can switch it up if you like tighter curls!DSC_0226

I always start from the front of my head and move to the back. The biggest tip I always tell people when they ask about my curling process is that all of the curls should go the SAME WAY! I curl all of my hair outward from my face, which I personally like best. If you prefer something different, that’s okay too! DSC_0256 DSC_0276

Random tip: Use the wand as a straightener as you are curing your hair. This is good for girls with naturally curly/wavy hair. My hair is crazy wavy when it air-dries, so those natural curls kind of show through sometimes after I blow dry it. Below you can see how I hold the straight section of hair out, “flat iron” the top section that lays on my head, and then I proceed to curl it right after. This is just a habit I have always had because I obsess over getting the natural waves out of my hair when styling, but it’s not necessary!DSC_0291 DSC_0310DSC_0304After you are all done curling, go over a couple random curls to freshen them up a bit. After that, just run your fingers through your hair & shake it all out! I don’t normally use hair spray because I like my curls to continue to fall out and get looser throughout the day, but if you like your curls to stay all day, then definitely hit them with some hairspray!   DSC_0380DSC_0319

This is what your set will look like! It comes with the amazing package that holds all 5 barrels, the wand, the protective glove, and even has  a place for the chord so it doesn’t get all crazy & tangled.DSC_0454

$100 OFF Any Set + Free Argon Oil 
*excluding season catalog



{ Photography by Allyson Clark }

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