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No matter what product I try on my face, whether it be exfoliating face wash, intense moisture lotion, intense drying lotion, etc…nothing has actually cured my random breakouts.

What is more frustrating is the fact that I am extremely diligent when it comes to washing my face; no matter what time of night I actually crawl into bed, I really make an effort to wash off all of my makeup every single night. (It also may have something to do with not wanting to get my makeup on my white sheets…but nonetheless).

What I am NOT diligent about is doing face masks regularly.  In an effort to change that, I recently started using TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Facial Mask.

There is nothing artificial in the mask, and it is AMAZING when mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. (Can also be mixed with equal parts water, but I love doing it with Apple Cider Vinegar).

The clay detoxifies without drying out your skin, and will seriously leave you feeling refreshed. It’s so hard to do masks when you have sensitive skin because sometimes they can be way too drying, but this one is gentle enough for all types of skin. It is also very easy to rinse off after your time is up; I have had some masks that are impossible to rinse off in the sink, but this one is extremely easy.

I hope that part of your New Year’s Resolution involves showing your skin a little more love (I know that is definitely something I am going to work on!)

To get a jumpstart, use loveyourskin15 for 15% off of your purchase until December 30!

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Mask, c/o TruSelf Organics


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