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This was my first experience with under-eye gels, so I am excited to share my experience with those of you who have yet to try them either!

I got a pack of two sets, so I got to try the two different methods that Honest Hazel Eye Gels offers. The first go-around I left them on for the suggested 15-20 minutes. The gels are extremely moist, so I had to lay down on my bed so that they would not slip down my face while I was using them.

After taking them off, I felt like my skin was hydrated, but not so much so that I found this practice to be necessary to my everyday beauty regimen.

The second method was the overnight application. I was EXTREMELY hesitant about this at first because I had such a hard time keeping them in place the night before, but I went for it anyways. Much to my surprise, they stayed in place all night! This also happened to be a night I went to be at something crazy like 1 am, and instead of having puffy eyes like I normally do after a sleepless night, they were honestly so perfect looking! Better than normal, even! So, needless to say…I recommend the overnight process. Much more observable results…which we all love 😉

The video review pretty much goes into all the details I just wrote about above…but I know we don’t all have the ability to stop everything and watch a video review. Hence why I provided you with both!

Just to reiterate my point in case you don’t watch it: you guys MUST try these under-eye gels out. I’m very new to this beauty treatment, but I am definitely sold. SO amazing you guys. Hope you all had an amazing weekend! xo

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