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I’ve been trying really hard lately to expand my beauty knowledge and to actually try a lot of new products I don’t normally try. There’s SO much out there you guys! I totally respect the beauty bloggers/vloggers for knowing what the heck they’re doing…because this girl is lost! I’ve been watching more beauty vlogs lately and I am really determined to switch up my beauty routine, so once that happens, I’ll fill you guys in! Some of these products are on HEAVY rotation, and others I am still getting into. So read the details below!
beauty products*1. Cult Cosmetics ‘Dogtown’ – If you saw my post on how I feel about the color purple, then you know that it is a color I am slowly reincorporating into my wardrobe. This nail polish totally intimidated me when I received it in my favorite subscription box from Lilee, BUT…to my surprise, it was such a fun color to wear! I got so many compliments on it, and it was the first nail polish that lasted me a week without severely chipping the first day. I am such a nail biter, so this was a huge deal. Cult Cosmetics has definitely got their polish formula down.

*2. LANAKIN Lash Growth – So a couple weeks back, I tried eyelash extensions. There’s no doubt they were a m a z i n g, but the struggle was REAL when I took them off. My lashes have finally gotten back to normal, but I am still left with disappointment from not having beautiful long lashes everyday without major work. I started trying LANAKIN about a week ago, so I am still in the middle of my trial, but you guys…I totally see my lashes growing! The other night when I went to take my makeup off, I was like woah….my lashes look GOOD right now! (of course right before bed). These pills are similar to vitamins and things such as Biotin. They promote healthy skin, hair and nails, but specifically target the lashes. I am going to give you an update when I am all done with my pills, but so far, SO GOOD! {PS. The website offers a free trial if you are curious!}

*3. Mirabella Cosmetics Perfecting Powder – This loose translucent mineral powder is an awesome addition to my makeup routine. I’ve never tried a perfecting powder before, but I really have noticed that my face makeup is staying on  longer with this powder over it. Like I said above, I am a rookie when it comes to makeup, so this powder is making me feel a little more confident that I will one day know what I am doing!

*4. Scentbird Perfume Subscription –  My mom always told me a girl should have more than one perfume on hand at any given time, just to make sure you mix it up! Since perfume is expensive, I have only stuck to my Chanel Mademoiselle scent for the last couple years, rotating some Juicy Couture in here and there. This subscription is actually freakin’ genius. For $14.95 a month, you get a brand new designer perfume sent to you. It’s amazing because it’s perfect for your purse, and if you get sick of the same perfume after a couple wears, then you get to switch it up the next month without breaking your bank! It’s literally amazing. {Use promo code SCENT25 at checkout for 25% off the first month of subscription!}

*5. pur~lisse moisturizer – I am so bad with moisturizer. I constantly fear that by putting it on in the morning, I will only be increasing my oily-ness throughout the day. BUT, I have been trying to get over this fear by trying different moisturizers that are suited for my skin type. This one has been wonderful (I’ve been trying it for about 3 weeks now). I love that it has SPF built in, because though I am obsessed with the smell of Coppertone sunblock, I often forget to protect my skin each day with it.

6. benefit Hoola bronzer – I saw this in a couple YouTube’s I watched on makeup routines, so I decided this was the item I wanted to start with in this makeup transformation I am attempting. I got it at Ulta, and I am really loving it! I have always used e.l.f. bronzer, but it seemed to leave me feeling oily, and didn’t really stay on all day. This product has been everything the reviews and videos said…it’s definitely something I will continue to use, and I highly recommend to everyone!

*7. Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning – I tried this hair mask two nights ago before bed and my hair is STILL soft TODAY. I showered, applied the hair mask to my damp hair, kept it in for 10 minutes, rinsed it out, went straight to bed, then put my hair in a bun the next day. Today I curled it and it’s still feeling so conditioned! I have never done an at-home deep conditioning treatment, but this one is amazing and is only like $2 at Ulta, so if your ends are needing some extra love like mine were, USE THIS!!!

8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer – This is something that was recommended to me by a handful of people, so I purchased this at my recent Ulta trip as well. I was (again) using the e.l.f eyeshadow primer and it was noooooot good. I am all for makeup dupes, but I do not recommend the e.l.f. primer. The Urban Decay one is definitely way pricier than I like to spend on something that you don’t actually see once it’s on you, but it keeps my eyeliner from smudging onto my eyelids, which is worth the investment! No one wants raccoon eyes. I love this product and it doesn’t require a lot with each use, so I am thinking it’s going to last quite a long time! 5 stars!




*many of these items were gifted, but ALL opinions are 100% MY OWN. This post is in no way sponsored or paid for by any company involved. I chose to highlight each product, and spoke honestly about how I feel about each one of them.



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