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I’m so bad when it comes to testing out new products because I am truly a creature of habit. If I know something works, I stick to it…for a long time. So when I find a new product that I actually use over and over, it means a LOT, because it doesn’t happen too often! (Hence why these posts are once in a blue moon). SO, I am walking you through the products that I have been using a LOT over the past couple of months, & they’re ALL new!

beauty favorites

Okay so real talk: ever since I got my tax return, I was keeping a stash aside for an entire new makeup routine. If you’ve ever invested in ALL new product, then you know it’s just that: an investment. BUT, honestly, I am SO happy that I spent the money that I did on all of my new products. I went to Sephora and got color matched at their makeover bar (life-changing, everyone should go get color matched with their amazing little laser tool), and since then, I have had so many people make comments on how good my makeup looks! Which is a big deal because I am clueless when it comes to makeup. These are my call outs from my new products, because I don’t know how I ever lived without them before:

sephora makeup favorites

MAKEUP FOREVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation: This stuff is ahhhhmazing. It provides me a with a lot of coverage, but it’s not thick at ALL. I switched from BB Cream over to this (in conjunction with two other Becca face products) and it has been the easiest transition ever. I can’t feel it on my face, and it keeps me Matte all day, which is incredible!

MAKEUP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer: This stuff is really awesome. They have it in 10 different ‘colors,’ each for different skin types and tones. I got this green version, which is for Redness Correction. It’s a great primer, that really does help with toning down my blemishes. I like it because I can dab it on my problem areas as opposed to covering my whole face with another layer or something.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact: THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! It is hands down the BEST highlighter I have EVER used. Honestly. It’s beautiful. This was the last item I added to my bag at Sephora, and it was all because of how gorgeous it looked on my friend’s face who was getting her makeup done with me. If you are going to invest in a highlighter, hands down it should be this one. {I have it in Golden Nude}

Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush: I love this brush because it is shaped in a way that allows me to put on my Highlighter under my eye/on top of my cheekbone, and also along the top of my nose. It can be used with any type of face makeup, whether that be liquid, cream, or powder. It’s very universal, and is made of extremely soft fibers!

covergirl mascara

I have been using Covergirl LashBlast mascara for the past couple of months, and I thought I was changed forever. Then, I tried THIS Covergirl Mascara…and I will literally never go back. I’ve always been a fan of the classic mascara applicator brush, so I didn’t really worry about switching it up. That was until I tried this brush. The applicator is flexible and has a square shape to it. It allows me to build my mascara without getting too clumpy, and it also seems to make them appear to be longer! It’s honestly amazing!

Lately, I have been a huge fan of the cateye. I have been trying to perfect my skills, and Sephora makes an eyeliner that I swear by. This Covergirl Intensify Me liquid eyeliner is a little tough for me to use, but I must admit that it is lasting longer than my Sephora eyeliner. The brush is a little rectangle, so it’s hard for me to make the perfect wing, but it is extremely useful to use over my already drawn on liner when I want a darker, longer lasting line. It may be for those who are more advanced with the cateye technique, but either way, it’s fun to try!

These come as a Covergirl set here!
covergirl eyeliner
You’ve probably read other posts where I talk about putting oil into my hair at night in attempt to rejuvenate my dry ends. I’ve always been brand loyal (or lazy to try others…not sure which is more accurate) but I think I have a new favorite! This little set from HASK has Monoi Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Keratin Oil. I rotate them each day/night to see which one makes the biggest impact, and if you are going to only buy one, I say buy the Keratin oil. Recently my coworker touched my hair on a day I used the Keratin oil before blowdrying, and she actually said “wow, why is your hair so soft today???”

Either way, these little baby oils are only $2.99, so you should just try them all!

Monoi Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Keratin Oil

hask hair oils

I have whitened my teeth before with a set similar to the Beaming White system below, as well as Crest White Strips (which honestly do not stay on…so annoying).  I just started my trial last night for Beaming White, so I am excited to see my teeth transform over the next week or so! I like that Beaming White gives you the little blue serum below for the end of your trial if you are experiencing sensitivity. There’s also a “Forever White” pen, that sort of reminds me of a Tide-To-Go pen for your teeth. I also can’t wait to use the LED Portable Light! More in depth post coming soon {also a giveaway where you can win your own set!}

80% off coupon code ASHBE80

beaming white at home whitening kit

Unfortunately, I was one of those beach girls that thought she didn’t need sunscreen ever. Not because I didn’t get burned, but because I wanted to be AS TAN AS POSSIBLE ALWAYS. I am starting to pay for it now with my uneven skin tone on my face, and a million freckles (my own mom asked when I got so many freckles! like…I thought I always had them?!?!?!) Anyways. This Hampton Sun SPF 35 spray is oddly addicting. It feels like a mist, but still smells like sunscreen (If you know me, then you know I am obsessed with the smell of Coppertone..I put it on during the summer almost as perfume I love it so much!) I like that I can wear this sunscreen under my makeup and I don’t feel like it adds any oil to my already-oily complexion. It’s amazing, and I am almost out of it, which is not ideal! Luckily Sephora sells it for only $10 hehe.

And this goes without saying, because Anthropologie never disappoints, but this bar of Coconut Milk Mango soap that my best friend gave me is so beautifully fragrant that it is filling my room with the refreshing scent. I need to get my hands on this candle and hand cream so I don’t have to give up the amazing scent once I use the soap!anthropologie soap


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